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Michael Lin Connected Biden with Beijing

After the New York Post reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) funneled money to Hunter Biden and his family, Apple Daily reported that Michael Lin (林俊良) was the broker who connected Hunter Biden with Beijing.

Lin is a talented but low-key Taiwanese businessman. He was born in a normal family and graduated from Yale University. He has worked in multiple investment firms in the U.S., mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. One of his China experiences includes working in the Internal Investment Department of the Peking University Founders Group, a large technology conglomerate in China which has the backing of Peking University and a good connection with high-ranking CCP officials.

Lin has a good connection with both the Kuomintang (a political party in Taiwan) and the CCP in Beijing. He moved to live in Beijing in 2005.

Lin co-founded the Thornton Group with James Bulger, son of William Bulger, an American former Democratic politician who served the President of the Massachusetts Senate for 18 years.

Lin was also the head of the Asian operations of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF). He used both the Thornton Group and the SLLF to conduct business in China, leveraging his connection between the Founder Group and Peking University, then to the National People’s Congress, and then to the top CCP leaders and officials in charge of Foreign Affairs.

Lin arranged Hunter Biden, the Vice President of Rosemont Seneca, to visit China in 2010. This was Hunter’s first trip to China. Hunter met several high-ranking officials in China’s financial institutions. Many of them later became Hunter’s business partners.

The most successful deal that Lin brokered for Hunter was the BHR Partners; that is Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

According to the person who supplied the information, Lin is still actively connected with the Biden family.

Source: Apple Daily, October 17, 2020