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Global Poll Showed Overwhelming Negative Reviews of China for the Pandemic

Taiwanese news site NewTalk recently reported that, according to a global poll commissioned by the British newspaper The Guardian, China’s handling of the pandemic received an overwhelming negative score. Out of 25 countries surveyed, around 80 percent of the people in 24 countries recognized China as the origin of the virus, and that the Chinese government spent a significant effort on covering it up as well as shirking its responsibilities. China is the only country in which the sample population questioned the belief that the government was leading the global anti-pandemic operations. The international poll surveyed 26,000 people in 25 countries, and is for now the poll with the widest coverage. The global population (except China) clearly felt disappointed at how the Chinese dealt with the virus, and how the Chinese diplomats feverishly faked an image of a selfless helper to the world. Among the countries holding China responsible, Nigeria (98 percent), Greece (97 percent), South Africa (97 percent) and Spain (96 percent) were leaders in the poll. Saudi Arabia (83 percent) and the United States (84 percent) were the most generous toward China. Only 52 percent of the Chinese people surveyed thought the virus originated in China and 90 percent of the Chinese believed China was the biggest leader in the world against the virus, while nearly nobody else in the world recognized that leadership.

Source: NewTalk, October 29, 2020