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Huanqiu Mistakenly Reported the FEC Chairman for Stating, “No Voter Fraud”

As China’s state media is picking up media coverage on the U.S. election, the Chinese readers are not receiving reports from all sides. On November 7, Ellen Weintraub, the former Chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) who is currently acting as the Democrat Commissioner of the FEC, had an interview with CNN. China’s mouthpiece Huanqiu published the interview in Chinese on its website with the title “Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission: No Evidence of Voter Fraud and Illegal Votes Being Cast.” The article quoted the following statement that Weintraub made: “State and local officials and poll workers throughout the country really stepped up.  … There is no evidence of any kind of voter fraud. There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast. … There really has been no evidence of fraud. None of the complaints have any evidence of fraud attached to them.”

However, Huanqiu misstated Ellen Weintraub’s title as the Chairman of the FEC. Based on the FEC website, the FEC Chair is James E. “Trey” Trainor, III.

Ironically, Trey Trainor confirmed during an interview with Newsmax TV on Nov 6, that there was voter fraud. He commented that locations such as Pennsylvania that did not grant access to observers to watch the ballot counting process could be instances of voter fraud.

“I do believe that there has been voter fraud taking place in these places,” he said. “Otherwise why wouldn’t they allow the observers to go in?”

Huanqiu didn’t cover Trey Trainer’s statements in its article.

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