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RFI Chinese: Hong Kong Saw a Flood of Primary and Middle School Dropouts

Radio France Internationale (RFI) Chinese Edition recently reported that, under the new political reality after China passed the HK National Security Law, many local primary schools and middle schools are losing students, especially the elite schools. Some well-known schools in this new wave of dropouts lost 40 to 50 students at the end of last school year, and another ten to twenty right after the new school year started. Many professionals in Hong Kong’s education field expressed their concern that another much bigger wave of dropouts will occur after the pandemic in foreign countries concludes. This latest wave is the worst level in a decade. Wealthy parents who hesitated before about whether they should send their children overseas now fast-tracked their decision making and took actions earlier rather than later. One parent who plans to move to Britain herself said she will take her middle-school daughter with her because it is unacceptable for her to receive her education under such a system where the government is tightening control and will intensify “patriotic education.” The dropouts are occurring in all districts of the city of Hong Kong.

Source: RFI Chinese, November 7, 2020