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China’s National Defense Mobilization Law — 2nd Reading

A draft law that allows the Chinese government to mobilize most of its adult population for defense duties was up for a second reading at the People’s National Congress Standing Committee session on December 22. The draft law emphasized that the State Council and the CCP Central Military Commission hold joint responsibility for national defense mobilization. It included that the National Defense Implementation Plan should be in sync with the Emergency Response Plan, which calls for Emergency activities that include command, the application of force, information, and supply.

The draft law also defined the reserve system. Reservists are to be part of the active-duty forces, reserve forces, or militia. It also included a section calling for the medical and health aid system to be active in peace and war situations. When national defense mobilization occurs, medical staff, medicine, and medical equipment will also be mobilized for wartime use.

Source: Xinhua, December 22, 2009