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Xinhua: Innovative Management of Mobile or Hidden Party Members in Hunan

Hunan, one of the largest provinces providing migrant workers in China, has 181,200 CCP Party members who are on the move, also called mobile or “hidden” members. Xinhua reported on December 6, 2009, that, in order to find those hidden Party members, organizations in Hunan are providing employment information and job skills training for the mobile Party members.

In the past three months, all kinds of service organizations for the Party members in Hunan have re-registered 25,336 mobile Party members, and found 8,926 “pocket” Party members, those who keep their Party member identification to themselves after having retired, graduated from college, or left their original work unit or the army. Meanwhile, 1,503 new low-level Party organizations have been established. 807 of them are in private enterprises or associations and 126 of them are in society, such as in newly built residential neighborhoods, commercial buildings, flea markets and construction sites.

Source: Xinhua, December 06, 2009