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China Built a New Tunnel in the Doklam Region between China and India

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported, according to Indian media, that new satellite images showed China has built a new tunnel in the Doklam region where China and India had more than 70 days of military confrontation in 2017. The new tunnel is around 500 meters and will ensure smooth winter time military deployments. In winter, for several months, the Doklam region is often fully covered with heavy snow. If there were no such tunnel, entering that region could be significantly disrupted. China constructed this critical tunnel while having another military conflict with India in the eastern Ladakh region. So far China and India have conducted eight rounds of negotiations without reaching an agreement. There is no plan to disengage on either side. It appears that the current military confrontation will continue through the entire winter. While China was improving road conditions, India also strengthened its road quality in the Doklam region to ensure swift military operations. In the past three years, China more than doubled the number of air force bases, air defense positions, and helicopter airports. As soon as the construction is completed, these facilities will provide strong support for the Chinese military  .

Source: Sina, November 12, 2020