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Internal Document Leaks CCP’s Stability Maintenance Measures in Xinjiang

The Epoch Times recently obtained a number of internal documents, exposing many “stability maintenance measures” that are used in the Gaochang District of Turpan, Xinjiang. These documents show that the Xinjiang government hires a large number of people to be on an online surveillance team and to be “internet watchers” to monitor online speech and control public opinion.

In July 2017, the Cyberspace Administration of the Gaochang District, Turpan, Xinjiang conducted inquiries with the Tuoling Wine Industry Company, the Huozhou Fruit Industry Company and the Xiqi Information Service Center and wrote three summary reports. The reports gave details about the party building work that the party branch office in each company performs. It disclosed how the security team of each company manages the security and stability work. Examples include giving safety and security training and drills and having a 24-hour security team on-site. In addition, following the weekly flag-raising ceremony, companies often give the employees periodic updates on the new government policies and security measures.

A separate internal document contains a list of 45 people, their contact information and their registration form. These people are on the Internet commentator team working for the local police stations in the Gaochang District of Turpan. The registration form lists the names of the online forums and websites to which each of them is assigned. Another document has a list of people who perform the function of Internet watchers who submit inside information about their assigned district. For example, in the Xincheng district, there are 10 Internet watchers. One of them, from the united front office, has submitted 84 tips under her account.

Source: Epoch Times, November 26, 2020