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Chinese Communist Party’s Spokesperson System

At the end of the year 2009, the State Council’s press conference announced an “important task initiating a press release system in 2010: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee’s spokesperson system.” 

Over the past months, efforts of the pilot project were already put into place in local level party committees. On December 29, 2009, the CCP’s Nanjing Committee held its first press conference, with 117 spokespersons at various branches of the city’s CCP agencies showing up. In October and November, press conferences of the same nature were launched in Meishan City and Changsha City. 
Ever since 2006, five agencies in the CCP’s Central Committee have set up a spokesperson system: the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the United Front Work Department, the International Liaison Department, the Party Literature Research Centre, and the Taiwan Affairs Office. It’s believed that the growing spokesperson system in the CCP system is another measure to dominate public opinion and maintain social stability. 
Source: Xinhua, January 14, 2010