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Adhere to the Position as a Developing Country and Remain Clear-Headed on China’s Responsibility

According to Xinhua on January 25, 2010, the first session of a series of seminars on the “Prediction of the 2010 International Situation” was held by Xinhua’s “Discussion of the World” Program in Beijing. More than 10 well-known experts and scholars gathered together, predicting international situations for 2010 and positioning China in the world.

In terms of China’s position in the world, the participants agreed that "the Westerners have switched from ‘Killing with a Stick’ to ‘Killing with Flattery’ following the international financial crisis. They have kept praising China, from ‘China’s Responsibility’ to ‘Sina-US Two Nations’, pushing China to the center of the world." However, “China must remain clear-headed, adhering to a strategic position as a developing country, safeguarding the interests of developing countries and striving to strengthen ourselves.”

Source: Xinhua, January 25, 2010