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On the Election – To the Victims

By Nathan Li

The battle over fraud in the U.S. presidential election continues: On November 25, attorney Sidney Powell filed election lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan. {1} {2} Afterwards, four states, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, held public hearings on fraud. On December 2, President Trump delivered a speech saying, “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.” In his speech he detailed the massive fraudulent behavior throughout the nation. {3} There are also allegations that foreign hostile countries including the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) might have interfered with our election.

At the same time, former Vice President Biden and the many media that support him keep denying the charges. They refuse to report on any of the details or on the massive amount of testimony, given under oath, or about the mounting evidence of fraud.

Since the stories that the two sides are telling are completely opposite and there can only be one truth, it is really up to each citizen of the United States to study the evidence and make his own judgment.

Many people, if they read the details or study the evidence of fraud presented to the public, will come to the conclusion that the election was indeed rigged. Those with brave hearts and strong moral values will want to help the victims.

First, let us ask a question. If this election fraud occurred, who are the victims?

Many people will say the candidate, President Trump, is the victim. Not only was he cheated out of the Presidency which he rightfully won, but he also has been wrongfully accused and cursed for not accepting the results of a scam and for not yielding to the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, our President was not the only victim.

All of the supporters of the rightfully chosen candidate are victims. If votes had been counted fairly and no fraud had taken place, they would have been the majority and celebrated the victory with their candidate! Instead, they were told they were the minority. In fact, that “minority” lie has lasted for several months. It started when the phony media polls “found” that Biden led Trump by more than a 10 percent margin.

The supporters of the candidate who won by cheating are also victims. They placed their trust in the media that have been attacking Donald Trump and demeaning his Presidency since before he was inaugurated. They have also supported their candidate based on the assumption that his character and integrity warrant their support.

Even worse, those supporters placed their trust in their candidate because they assumed he would defend our country – but when there was an attack on our election system and on our democracy, not only was his defense missing; he may even have been part of the force that attacked our country and undermined its values.

In addition, those supporters placed their trust in their candidate based on the assumption that he is capable of defending our country. Yet, in order to maintain “plausible deniability” any monies he was to receive were instead given to his son, Hunter Biden, whom the CCP corrupted with money and young Chinese girls for sexual abuse, so that their candidate would not be seen as taking the CCP’s money and he could protect himself.

All of the American people are victims. We have been placed in a politically unstable, divided society where the spread of hatred has resulted in deep divisions between us, where we don’t know what truth is, where the media misleads us, where our morals have seriously plummeted, and where we no longer know who we can trust.

Our country, the United States of America, is a victim. Our country used to be the beacon of light for the free world, showcasing the superiority of our democratic system in contrast to the communist regime. However, this election fraud has deeply jeopardized our democracy, weakened our world leadership, and humiliated our country in front of the entire world. It has gotten to the point where we are ashamed to say, “I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Let’s not let that light flicker out.

Even worse, if we cannot fully explain to our people whether there was fraud and how bad it was, the country will be further divided. Our country will no longer be the “United” States of America.

The Chinese people are the victim. The U.S. has the mission to lead the world to defend freedom and destroy communism. We won the cold war with the Soviet Union. We were on the winning path to end the CCP. The Chinese people are waiting for that end! However, this fraud will cause our efforts to regress and will help the CCP strengthen both its position in China and its infiltration in the United States and around the world. The Chinese people will continue, living the reality the CCP defines for them and will continue suffering the CCP’s control and torture. Furthermore, considering Joe Biden’s close relationship with China and the money he has accepted, he is more likely to be the focus of the China Influence campaign.

Other countries and their people are the victims. They see the CCP’s tentacles expanding over them and are waiting for the U.S. to lead the forces to cut them. If the CCP infiltrates the U.S. and the U.S. forfeits its greatness and retreats, they may not have enough power and righteousness to fight the CCP on their own; they may yield to the CCP’s bullying and coercion.

The whole world and the entire human race are the victim. If the fraud wins, the communist ideology will not only spread; the CCP will continue its incremental take-over of the entire world. Not only will people lose their freedom of speech or even thought, but they will also no longer be able to keep their spiritual connection with the divine.

So, all sentient beings will be the victims of the election fraud should it succeed.

This was not supposed to happen. None of the victims here were supposed to be victims.  If this indeed sadly happens, let us – all the victims – stand up and defend our rights!

Let’s unite together. We have the overwhelming majority. We do not need to be afraid of the wrongdoers, but rather, it should be the wrongdoers who start shaking when they see us join forces as a cohesive group.

Let’s regain our moral standards and principles. Let’s be firm: Right is right; wrong is wrong. We support righteousness and we reject what is wrong.  As long as we stand for truth, whoever commits wrong-doing cannot get away with it.

Let’s investigate the fraud and expose the evil. Evil can only live in the dark. Once it is exposed, it will become powerless. Whoever is aware of the evil actions, including those who participated in it for whatever reason but still have a conscience, please stand up.

Let’s defend our system and ensure that justice is done.

Let’s heal our national wounds and create a true “United States of America.” We will embrace each other as brothers and sisters, not as left or right. The bonds between us are based on love, compassion, and forgiveness. Most importantly, they are based on our respect for our Constitution, our values, our beliefs and our country’s history!

Let’s keep praying along with all righteous religions: We ask our Creator: please guide us and please bless America!

{1} Defending the Republic, Lawsuit filed in Georgia by Attorney Sidney Powell, November 25, 2020.
{2} Defending the Republic, Lawsuit filed in Michigan by Attorney Sidney Powell, November 25, 2020.
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