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China Radio Network: People’s Congress not just a show of applause; CPPCC not just a show of hands

According to China Radio Network on January 20, 2010, every province, municipality or autonomous region is now convening its local conferences of the “People’s Congress” and the “Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” (CPPCC). The network reports that the “People’s Congress is not just a display of applause and the CPPCC is not just a show of hands.” The “two annual conferences” carry too much of the people’s expectations and concerns regarding housing, education, medical care, employment, the environment, and so on. Yang Yu, Director of the News Center for the China Economic Herald, provided a commentary on the two conferences in a radio interview, saying that “the economic growth drive” is an important problem that must be solved each year, and other issues should be covered in the 11th Five-Year Plan. 

Source: China Radio Network, February 3, 2010