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Xinhua: Strategies to Fight the U.S. Aircraft Carrier’s Supremacy

After China’s unusual repeated protests, the U.S. “George Washington” aircraft carrier will not enter the Yellow Sea, but will perform joint exercises with South Korea in the Japanese Sea. China and the US have entered an “aircraft carrier dilemma” era, International Herald reported on July 22. The article listed three strategies for China to deal with the US:
1. Best strategy: A political solution: Define China’s core interest areas along China’s coastal areas and use political and diplomatic approaches to block U.S. carriers from entering it.
2. Mediocre strategy: A political approach plus military preparation such as anti-surveillance preparation, monitoring the U.S. carrier, conducting China’s exercises in certain water areas, etc.
3. Military strategy: If the U.S. carrier arrives at China’s coast despite China’s strong protests, then send a nuclear submarine carrying strategic missiles to the ocean war locations, increase the combat readiness level of the land-based long-range missiles, and apply military pressure against the U.S. carriers battle group, etc.

Source: International Herald, July 22, 2010