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Qiushi: Corruption is the Enemy of the Ruling Party in Times of Peace

As the official periodical of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, Qiushi is the Chinese Communist Party’s core publication. In a recent issue of Qiushi, the article “On Alert for Dangers in Peaceful Times: The Key is Anti-corruption” underscores fighting against corruption: 

"Throughout human history, although every regime change has had complex external causes … such as foreign invasions and natural disasters, internally they are related to the corruption of those in power. … When the corruption was serious and directly hurt the vital interests of the majority of the people, there were riots, revolutions, and regime changes. " 
"… analyzing the lessons learned from the loss of power of Communist parties in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe countries, one can learn this: any ruling political party and political group is facing the danger of losing power. In peaceful periods, the danger is mainly from within the party.” 
Source: Qiushi, February 16, 2010