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RFA Chinese: Hong Kong Experiencing Unprecedented Wave of Emigration

Radio Free Asia Chinese Edition recently reported on multiple statistics that showed that Hong Kong is currently facing an unprecedented wave of emigration. In the past two years, more and more Hong Kong residents planned to emigrate. However, with the introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law, those plans are now actually turning into reality. In May, inquiries on Canadian immigration, HSBC offshore accounts, Citibank overseas accounts, as well as BNO (British National Overseas) passports have skyrocketed. Right now, the Hong Kong police are issuing a record-high number (during the pandemic months)  of Certificates of No Criminal Record, which is usually the last required step for emigration. Most of the people leaving are middle class residents. The wealthiest need more time to sell tied-up local real-estate and the low-income residents cannot afford the emigration costs. The first major emigration wave came after Hong Kong’s return to China, when most of those emigrating did so based because of a lack of confidence; many families only sent members like children overseas. This new round sees more situations of complete families fleeing. The biggest concern is still the worry about children being brainwashed.

Source: RFA Chinese, December 17, 2020