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About the Chinese Model

Xu Chongwen, a senior research fellow at the State’s Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published a criticism of “four misconceptions” of the Chinese model. His article is summarized below.

Misconception 1: The term was first coined by foreigners with the ulterior motive of containing China’s expansion. Not true because Deng Xiaoping used the term back in 1980 when discussing the Russian October Revolution. 
Misconception 2: The term “model” means example or demonstration for others to follow; hence one should be cautious when using the term. Wrong because it contradicts Deng Xxiaoping who held countries should independently seek development paths and models suited to their own situation. 
Misconception 3: The Chinese model is the "Beijing Consensus" for the reference use of other countries. Disagree because Joshua Cooper Ramo’s Beijing Consensus was coined to mean opposition to the Washington Consensus. The Chinese model is to develop China based on its own situation and China has no intent to promote it the same way that the Washington Consensus has been promoted.
Misconception 4: It is too early to talk about a Chinese model. This is without grounds. Hu Jintao has set forth the theory on building a harmonious society. No one should use it to deny that the achievements of the Chinese model have already been well recognized.

Source: The Party School of The Chinese Communist Party, April 13, 2010