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Corruption has increased in the colleges and universities across China

On May 3, 2010,  the website of reprinted an article from Beijing News ( regarding the increasing corruption in the colleges and universities across China.

For example, the number of the corruption cases among colleges and universities in Beijing has doubled in the past three years. Nearly 50% of the corruption cases are related to college admission and personnel hiring.

Last year, two top leaders at Wuhan University, the former Party Deputy Secretary, Long Xiaole, and the former Executive Vice President, Chen Zhaofang, were arrested for taking huge bribes. Guangdong Zhanjiang Normal College President, Guo Zeshen, was detained for financial problems. President Zhang Jiangang of Wuhan University of Science and Engineering and other people were forced by the Party to confess their infrastructure funding corruption in a specified place at a specified time. 

Source:, May 3, 2010