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Institute of Marxism: International Socialism in the World Financial Crisis

On May 21, 2010, published an article titled, “International Socialism in the World Financial Crisis,” by the Institute of Marxism, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The following are some points from the article:

The financial crisis has caused “a revival of Marxism” and made the world realize that the “China model will change the world.” We should take advantage of the financial crisis to:
1) Fully expose the facts that the Western development model is unsustainable and that the revival of Marxism in the West again highlights the immeasurable superiority of the socialist development path with Chinese characteristics;
2) Strengthen the education and propaganda of Marxist theory, and the basic experience and theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics so as to further firm up everyone’s confidence in the bright future of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Source:, May 21, 2010