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Swedish Court Rejected Huawei’s Appeal

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDQ: SINA) recently reported that the Swedish court rejected a case filed by Huawei on participating in the nation’s 5G network construction process. Huawei was originally excluded from the bidding process for Sweden’s 5G spectrum auction. The country’s telecommunications industry regulator PTS (Swedish Post and Telecom Authority)   made the decision. Huawei requested the Swedish Administrative Appeals Court to block the PTS 5G spectrum auction before the court decides on Huawei’s eligibility. The Administrative Appeals Court later ruled in favor of PTS and lifted the injunction so that the 5G spectrum auction could proceed. However, Huawei then appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court in order to overturn the decision by the Administrative Appeals Court. The Supreme Administrative Court then rejected Huawei’s case and stated that the Appeals Court’s decision was final. Huawei did not respond to the media’s request for comments. In the meantime, out of fear of China’s retaliation, the CEO of Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications giant and one of Huawei’s top competitors, spoke out to support Huawei. He said Sweden, “though it was the soul and home base for Ericsson,” is now a “very bad nation” for Ericsson.

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(2) Deutsche Welle Chinese Edition, January 5, 2021