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Party Buildup in Private Organizations, Nanchong City

Expanding the Communist Party branches or subsidiaries to the non-state sector of Chinese society has become one of the focal efforts of the Party ever since the fourth session of 17th National Congress in 2009. One example is the mid-sized Nanchong City in central China’s Sichuan Province. 

According to the province’s official paper, Sichuan Daily, a separate Party branch has been established in each of 180 large scale private enterprises and 403 mid-to-small size enterprises and social organizations. In 100 other mid-to-small size enterprises and social organizations, industrial or business ties enabled 11 joint Party branches to be set up. The city’s Party committee dispatched 731 cadres into the non-state companies and organizations to provide guidance and to work as liaisons with the high-up Party superiors. 
Source: Sichuan Daily, June 10, 2010