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Phoenix News: China May Launch Third Aircraft Carrier This Year

Phoenix New Media (NYSE: FENG), a pro-mainland news company headquartered in Hong Kong, recently reported that China’s third aircraft carrier (serial number “003”) may launch this year and the expected Navy deployment will be around 2025. Based on the photos that the Chinese magazine Military Industrial Technology released, the new carrier seems to be bigger and is equipped with an electromagnetic catapult, which opens the door for carrying tankers, anti-submarine aircraft, transport aircraft, and AEW (Air Early Warning). The 003 uses a modular architecture and took a shorter time than 002 to assemble. After the launch, it typically takes two years for equipment installation (including radar, various sensors and the catapult), static tests and sea tests. Some said the 003 aircraft carrier measures up to the U.S. Kitty Hawk class, with the displacement exceeding 80,000 tons. However, the Chinese Navy did not reveal any official details on the specifications.

Source: Phoenix News, January 18, 2021