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CCP to Extinguish Mongolian Language and Culture

A Chinese official notice shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is stepping up its efforts to extinguish the ethnic language and culture of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Recently, the Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued a notice dated January 8, 2021, to publishing houses. The notice stated that in the fall of last year, in accordance with the instructions of the China National Textbook Committee, the department conducted an “Ideological Special Investigation” and an audit of the textbooks such as Inner Mongolian History and CultureMongolian HistoryHulunbuir History and CultureHetao History and Culture, and Korqin History and Culture (Trial).

The notice claims that the textbooks did not adequately highlight “the awareness of common roots.” Rather, they emphasized individual “ethnic identity” and “ethnic awareness.” As a result, the Department of Education of Inner Mongolia will ban the use of the textbooks of Inner Mongolia History and CultureMongolian History, and Hetao History and Culture starting from the spring semester of 2021. The textbooks of Hulunbeier History and Culture and Korqin History and Culture (Trial) will no longer be used starting in the fall semester of 2021.

In August 2020, the Inner Mongolian government mandated that primary and secondary schools must use Chinese, not Mongolian, as the language of instruction. The authorities implemented a unified Chinese language teaching plan. Hou Yuan, then Director of the Education Department, claimed that “textbooks reflect the will of the Communist Party and the State” and the use of unified textbooks was a “major decision” made by the Communist Party Central Committee. The mandate triggered massive resistance among the Mongolians. People worried that the unique Mongolian language and culture will be extinguished as a result.

Source: Radio Free Asia, January 18, 2021