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China Developing State Image Promotion Ads

China has hired a media company to help it create two advertising videos to promote its state image, Global Times reported. China will broadcast these videos on the major media all over the world around October 1. The article further explained China’s self promotion strategy. The state image promotion is to demonstrate China’s “soft power” to the world, a continuation after the 30-second “Made in China” self-promotion ad on CNN in 2009. In addition to relying on international main stream media to “make a sound,” China also works on developing its own power media to send China’s voice overseas. That includes CCTV’s addition of Arabic and Russian channels from last year, and the launch of China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC), a 24-hour news channel under Xinhua, on January 1, 2001.

Source: Global Times, August 3, 2010