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CFLD, Once Ranked among Top Ten Real Estate Developers, Is in Debit Crisis

After HNA filed for bankruptcy in January, China Fortune Land Development (CFLD or 华夏幸福), a publicly traded Chinese real estate developer in Beijing, said that the company was in debit crisis. The public notice that the company issued stated that it had 5.255 billion (US$810 million) in outstanding loans due while it had 800 million yuan (US$124 million) in cash available to pay these debts. A creditor committee of financial institutions formed on February 1 to coordinate with all parties to resolve the issues.

Back in 2016, CFLD achieved over 120 billion (US$18.6 billion) in revenue and was ranked the number 8 real estate developer in the country. In March 2017, as the local governments in major cities, including a number of regions outside of Beijing, issued housing purchase restriction orders to curb the overheating real estate market, the housing market in the suburbs and cities near Beijing cooled down. CFLD was hit hard in operating cash. In 2018, it tried to sell the ownership of multiple projects to recoup cash. Between July 2018 and February 2019, the Pingan Group injected 18 billion (US$2.78 billion) in cash into CFLD and became the second largest shareholder of CFLD. In 2019, CFLD’s sales revenue dropped 11 percent to 145 billion (US22.4 billion). Its sales in 2020 were estimated to be 96 billion (US$15 billion). Its industry ranking also dropped to 47th place in the nation. The CFLD Chairman of the Board attributed the cause of the debt crisis to the following reasons: it under-estimated the market decline in the suburban regions in Beijing; new market developments were below expectation; excessive expansion and poor management; and COVID 19.

Source:, February 2, 2021