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BBC World News Banned in China

People’s Daily reported on February 11 that the Chinese State Administration of Radio and Television announced a ban on BBC World News in China, citing “serious violations” of the Radio and Television Administration Regulations. China said BBC’s false and unfair reporting “harms China’s national interests and undermines China’s national unity.”

BBC News Chinese Edition reported on February 12 that the BBC officially expressed its disappointment regarding China’s decision. The BBC explained that the BBC is a globally trusted source of news with principles of fearless and unbiased reporting. British authorities cancelled the broadcasting license of China’s CGTN in early February, citing the Chinese Communist Party’s controlling power over CGTN content. This caused China’s strong reaction. The Hong Kong’s government-owned local radio station RTHK also announced on February 12 that it will no longer carry BBC International and BBC’s Cantonese programming.

Deutsche Welle Chinese Edition reported on February 12 that, with the cancellation of CGTN’s British license, CGTN’s German broadcasting permission is automatically cancelled at the same time. Vodafone Germany stopped the CGTN programming due to the fact that its license was granted under a 1989 European license-sharing agreement. Vodafone is currently working with the German authorities to clarify legal matters.

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