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Qiushi Journal on ‘Four Major Boundaries’

Qiushi Journal, the publication of the CCP Central Committee organs, published an article discussing drawing boundaries on four major issues:

1. Staying with Marxism. “If Marxism’s leading position is shaken, there will be no theoretical foundation for Communism with Chinese Characteristics…”
2. Insisting on socialist public ownership as the main economic form with the supplement of multiple other economic forms (e.g. private ownership). [Ed: This would mean state-owned enterprises will control the majority of China’s economy.]3. Staying with Chinese style democracy, which is under the CCP’s leadership. The “CCP’s strong leadership is the largest political advantage for China.” “Western style democracy is not ‘universal.’”
4. Insisting on socialist ideology and culture. The capitalist ideology and culture is gradually becoming China’s main challenge. “The struggle in ideology is, in essence, the struggle between the socialist value system and the capitalist value system.”

Source: Qiushi Journal, August 16, 2010