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Jia Qinglin: Apply Patriotic Ideas to Preaching and Learning Islamic Doctrines

Jia Qinglin, a member of the CPC Politburo Standing Committee and the Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, held a forum with religious representatives in Hetian, Xinjiang on August 21, 2010, according to Xinhua.

Jia hopes Xinjiang Muslim representatives will:

  1. Actively promote scientific development;
  2. Further enhance the agreement with the great Motherland, the Chinese ethnic groups, the Chinese cultures and the socialist road with Chinese characteristics;
  3. Do a solid job of interpreting the Koran and standardize the preaching content and formalities. Apply  patriotic ideas to preaching and learning Islamic doctrines;
  4. Ensure that the leadership of religious organizations is firmly in the hands of those who love China.

Source: Xinhua, August 21, 2010