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Wen Jiabao: Advancing Political System Reform

Wen Jiabao stated “(We) should not only advance economic system reform, but also advance political system reform. Without the guarantee of political system reform, the results of the economic system will be lost, and (China’s) modernization goal won’t be reached.” Wen made this speech when he visited Shenzhen City on August 21, 2010. China News Service reported that Wen’s “political reform” statement has profound meanings behind it.

The Epoch Times pointed out that Wen’s speech exemplified that the discord between the CCP “Reformists” and the “Conservatives” has surfaced amidst an intensified power struggle for the upcoming 18th Party Congress. The “Conservatives,” the majority of whom are the CCP “Princelings,” want to have Xi Jinping as the new President and Bo Xilai as the new Prime Minister. The “Reformists” wish to drive the Princelings out of the power center and endorse Li Keqiang as the President and Wang Qishan as the Prime Minister. Wen’s speech is a strong statement by the “Reformists.” Wen also talked about political system reform during his interview with NHK in Tokyo on June 2.

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