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Retired Chinese Professor Making Frequent Anti-US Comments Lives in Texas

Chen Ping, a retired Professor from Fudan University is a well-known “anti U.S. professor” in China. Chen received his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas in Austin. He is famous for his speech made during a forum at Tsinghua University last year. Chen said that people earning a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan (US$310) in China would be much happier than those who make US$3,000 a month in Los Angeles. However, during the recent winter storm power outage in Texas, people found out that Chen has been living in the U.S. for a while. Many Chinese netizens felt they had been misled and called him a hypocrite.

Cheng posted a picture of himself in a residential area in Austin Texas in Weibo. He complained about U.S. government policy and also accepted an interview with a Chinese media. Chen told, he is prepared for water and electricity shortages and telecommunication disruption. He said that people won’t survive if there is no power and the Texas government has abandoned its homeless people. He said “The US military boasted that it would fight a nuclear war with China and Russia, but the U.S. can’t even make it through a winter storm that crippled the power grid and traffic in nearly half of the coastal lines of the U.S.”

Chinese netizens made the following comments on Chen’s Weibo posting: “Teacher Chen, did you buy the wrong airline ticket? Why did you go to Texas?”  “Making anti-U.S. comments is his job but living in the U.S. is his life.” Sure enough, patriotism is for business only; the dude is faking patriotism just to fool us.
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