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DW Chinese: Chinese Spokeswoman Questioned Why Chinese People Cannot Use Twitter and Facebook

Deutsche Welle Chinese Edition recently reported that the Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided a surprising answer when a foreign reporter asked her at a press conference to comment on the fact that the Chinese Ministry’s number of Twitter and Facebook accounts increased by three and two times, respectively. Hua claimed in her response that many western media reporters and diplomats heavily use Chinese social media apps like Weibo and WeChat. Then she questioned the foreign reporter who asked for her comments earlier, “Foreigners can use Chinese social media, why can’t Chinese people use Twitter and Facebook?” This “official” answer and the video went viral across Chinese online communities. Massive numbers of Chinese netizens joined the “discussion” with comments like “I was wondering about that too!” “Great question!” “Now I finally understand it’s the West that blocked our access.” “Hua asked the question we Chinese did not dare to ask.” “So we are not Chinese people …” Some explained that “Hua meant to say Chinese reporters and diplomats should be able to use Twitter and Facebook just like foreign reporters and diplomats can use WeChat.” China’s Great Firewall blocks all foreign social media. Nearly all Chinese netizen have no access to Twitter and Facebook, except for privileged figures like Hua herself.

Source: DW Chinese, February 20, 2021