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Cyber Security Experts Warn Chinese Clubhouse Users to Be Careful When Using Clubhouse

Although China blocks Clubhouse, a social network based on voice, many Chinese netizens still break through the firewall to join the audio chat platform. However, cyber security experts in the U.S. warned that, since Clubhouse uses a server in China, the contents of the transmission may be intercepted. Therefore, it is not recommended to express sensitive views when using this software.

Alex Stamos, Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory and former Chief Security Officer at Facebook, posted on his Twitter account that his team “found that Chinese servers are being used for conversations, but he cannot recommend that individuals who might find themselves adverse to the security services of the PRC should use Clubhouse for sensitive conversations.”

According to the analysis that Stanford Internet Observatory published, Shanghai-based Agora is a key technology supplier to Clubhouse. A user’s unique Clubhouse ID number and chatroom ID are transmitted in plain text and Agora would likely have access to users’ raw audio, potentially providing access to the Chinese government. Stamos also mentioned that other than Agora, Clubhouse uses servers run by Guangzhou Enjoy VC Communication Technology.

Source: Central News Agency, October 22, 2021