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CCP Issues National Training Plan for Non-Party Personnel

The General Office of the CCP Central Committee issued the "2010-2020 Education, Training, Reform, and Development Outline for Non-Party Personnel Representatives." This is the first special national plan for the education and training of non-Party personnel. Du Qinglin, the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), pointed out that the "outline" reflects the Party and the government’s vision of their human development strategy, and its foresight in consolidating a patriotic united front.
In recent years, to showcase the diversity of the regime’s political spectrum, Beijing has arranged for more and more non-Communist members to enter the political arena, including government departments at all levels in central and important positions.
At the same time, the regime has strengthened its control over these people. Since 2004, the united front authorities at and above the provincial level, and other agencies, have provided over 5,600 education sessions and trained more than 220,000 people outside the Party.
Source: People’s Daily, September 2, 2010