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Guangming: U.S. Targets after Iraq

Guanming Observer published a comment on U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and subsequent deployments in Asia. It predicts that the U.S. will likely withdraw from Iraq next year, thus ending the 10-year military adventure, which has gone nowhere.

Given the large contingent of 50, 000 military advisors, military instructors, security guards and other personnel, plus 94 military bases, the U.S. is not withdrawing. The article warns that a defense line has already been formed. The U.S. plans to monitor China from a South Korean island, resume cooperative activities with Indonesia Special Forces, support Vietnam in its dispute with China over territories and encourage India to restrain China’s naval expansion. “Thus, it is an illusion that the United States is backing away from Iraq. … Its next targets are China and Africa.”

Source: Guangming Observer, August 5, 2010