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School Counselor Suspended for “Insulting Heroes”

Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily reported that a counselor from the Sichuan Vocational and Technical College was suspended and under police investigation for using a class group chat to “harass students” during after school hours. The students filed complaints with the school and posted the screenshot of counselor’s comments on the Internet. The screenshot showed that the counselor made comments that were “insults to heroes who are fighting for China at the China-Indian boarder.” The counselor also called the head of the “WHO,” Tedros Adhanom “Tedros China” and openly opposed wearing a mask during the epidemic. This is not the first time that the students complained about the counselor, but this time they posted the comments online, which pressured the school to take action.

The CCP has been using “anonymous tips” to monitor public opinion and actions. During the Cultural Revolution, it encouraged the family members to use “tips” against each other causing hundreds and thousands of families to be torn apart. This “anonymous tips” tactic still exists to this day, especially in schools and colleges.

In mid-February, the Epoch Times learned from overseas Chinese that local authorities in many parts of China were asking the schools to investigate students’ religious backgrounds and encourage them to report the religion of their parents and fellow classmates.

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