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China to Send More Cadres in the Judicial System to Tibet

According to Xinhua news on September 15, the Ministry of Justice is to increase its assistance to Tibet’s administrative work, including cadres and talent, science and technology, as well as other areas in the judicial system. The proposal was made during the National Judicial Administrative System’s Conference to Aid Tibet.

Wu Aiying, the Minister of Justice, said that [China] should assist Tibetan judicial administrative departments to maintain social stability; and promote patriotic and ethnic unity education in the communities, countryside, schools and temples. Regarding financial aid, Wu called for increasing the funding of Tibet’s judicial work, particularly the funding of prisons, reeducation through labor (detoxification), the financial-planning apparatus, law education and legal assistance. Focal points of the conference were the problems of the shortage of judicial administrative cadres and talent, and the need to implement the training of directors of the judicial bureaus in all 73 Tibetan counties (and cities).

Xinhua, September, 15, 2010