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Qiushi Criticizes Western Style Democracy

On September 16, Qiushi, the core publication of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, printed the following article: “Systematic advantages and basic characteristics of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics – Draw a clear line between socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics and Western capitalist democracy.” The article touted “walking our own path” instead of “copying the Western capitalist democracy model,” “real people’s democracy” instead of “dollar democracy in essence,” “a unicameral People’s Congress” instead of “a bicameral system with separation of powers,” and “CCP-led multi-party cooperation” instead of “Multi-party rule in turn.”

The article emphasized the importance of ideological work, which is of “important and far-reaching significance for improving the party’s political sensitivity and discernment, leading cadres and the masses consciously to adhere to socialism with Chinese characteristics, clarifying wrong viewpoints on the political direction of the buildup of democracy, and resisting the hostile forces’ attempts at Westernization.”

Source: Qiushi, September 16, 2010