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Qiu Shi: China Will Continue to Be a Developing Country for a Long Time

Qiu Shi, a magazine of the CCP Central Committee, published an article coming out against “The Theory of China’s Responsibilities.” The article referred to the standards put forth by the United Nations and the World Bank, and the author drew five conclusions: (1) China’s per-person average (income) will remain low for a long time; (2) China’s industrial structure and employment structure are still typical among mid-and-low income countries; (3) China is far behind advanced countries in terms of social development; (4) China still has many problems in consumer structure; (5) China’s level of modernization is still weak despite recent improvements. The article believed the media in the West is pointing a finger at China by overstating China’s economic success in order to overload China with unfair burdens.  

Source: Qiu Shi, September 16, 2010