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Huanqiu: The U.S. Navy Is Worried about the China’s Reported Aircraft Carrier Killer

Xinhua republished an article from Huanqiu on August 12, 2010, saying that the United States Navy is worried about the reported “Aircraft Carrier Killer,” the Dongfeng-21D missile, made by China.

“Actually, the U.S. aircraft carrier ‘cruising around’ China makes the Chinese angry, but cannot frighten the Chinese. On the contrary, it is the U.S. media that, from time to time, worries about China’s ‘Aircraft Carrier Killer.’"

“Recently, a former U.S. Navy Commander in Chief Calasca (ed. Note: spelling is based on the Chinese pronunciation) described a hypothetical scenario in his article. In 5 years, a Dongfeng-21D missile armed with a penetrating warhead sinks the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, which then results in a “new era international order – the United States replaced by a risen China.”

Source: Huanqiu, August 12, 2010