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Indian Air Force Will Soon Have 14 Dassault Rafales Fighter Jets

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that by mid-April, the Indian Air Force will receive several shipments more of Dassault Rafales fighter jets from France . India will own at least 14 Dassault Rafales. The full contract calls for 36 in total with expected delivery to be fulfilled by the year 2023. Currently a group of Indian pilots has arrived at Merignac Air Force Base in Bordeaux, France. They plan to fly the new fighter jets directly back to India, with air refueling. The Indian government has high expectations for these Dassault Rafales jets. It even has the hope that they can actually face the Chinese J-20 fighter jets. Some Indian media even reported that “China is very much worried about India’s Dassault Rafales.” However, the J-20 is a fifth-generation stealth heavy fighter which can carry a large number of weapons as well as more powerful radar. It is the equivalent of the U.S. F-22.  The French Dassault Rafales is in the category of light fighters, and is considered to be the four-and-half generation, so, these two models are not even comparable. The Indian Dassault Rafales jets are expected to be deployed to the Ambala Air Force Station and Hasimara Air Force Station.

Source: Sina, March 27, 2021