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Jia Qinglin Sets Next Year’s Direction for United Front Work

The National United Front Work Directors’ Conference was held in Beijing on December 14, 2010. Jia Qinglin, a member of the Standing Committee of the CCP’s Politburo gave a speech. Jia discussed using United Front work to support economic development. In addition, he stressed several directions for the next year:

1. “Religious issues are important for the Party when ruling the country. (We) must strengthen our research, get a clear understanding (of religious practices and their reach in China), … create new theory, and improve the legal system to develop our Party’s religious work.”

2. “Developing a non-CCP team is the foundation for the United Front works’ long-term work. … (We) should have a plan and focus on developing a group of non-CCP representatives.”

3.  Supporting the CCP’s 90th anniversary will be a major initiative for United Front work in 2011. “(We should) show that there is a collaborative effort between the CCP and other parties to strengthen people’s confidence in the Chinese political system under the CCP’s leadership.”

Source: Xinhua, December 14, 2010