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Global Times: Russia Plans to Quit the International Space Station

Global Times recently reported that multiple high ranking Russian government officials said Russia will leave the alliances that constructed the International Space Station and start to build its own space station. This may put an end to the 20-year international relationship, which was recognized as a “rare example” of cooperation between Russia and the West. Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Roscosmos, said Russia is gradually leaving the International Space Station and is ready to build Russia’s own, pending President Putin’s approval. The new Russian Station is expected to be launched in 2030. The International Space Station was founded in 1998. It centered on the United States and Russia, with the help from Japan, Canada, the European Space Agency member countries and Brazil. The 16-country international project received a total investment of over US$100 billion. Russia provided significant support to the International Space Station over the years. Currently the Station is rapidly aging. The United States did not show any interest in working with Russia in the future and both sides expressed the intent to have their own stations.

Source: Global Times, April 25, 2021