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Global Times: Reviewers Thought Biden’s First Congressional Speech Was “Boring”

Global Times recently published a report after Biden’s first televised congressional speech. With data aggregated from the U.S. and British media, it appears the speech suffered from a very poor performance and it had only around 22.6 million viewers. That was not even half of Trumps equivalent speeches. Trump’s 2017 February speech to Congress attracted over 48 million viewers. Even his lowest viewership, for the 2020 February State of the Union Address, had over 37 million viewers. Obama’s first congressional speech in February 2009 had 52.3 million viewers. The low-profile Biden speech received reviews like “boring,” “socialist dream,” “dividing the country,” and “full of empty clichés.” The speech did touch on topics related to his “blue-collar blueprint” government investment plans, gun control, police reform and immigration, as well as his China policies. Global Times also mentioned that Biden’s speech was not the only event seeing a dramatic decline in viewership. The Oscar ceremony in the same week also set a record low viewership of around 10 million, which was a freefall of 58 percent from last year’s number.

Source: Global Times, April 30, 2021