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Global Times: If the U.S. Delivers, This Time China Will Support

Global Times recently released a commentary on the U.S. Biden Administration’s position on waivers on vaccine as intellectual property. Although Russia and France appear supportive, many advanced nations are against the waivers, especially Germany and Switzerland. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs didn’t directly mention the waivers, but did show support for improving availability and affordability. The U.S. position is positive. However, the current situation is very complicated since all 164 WTO members must agree in order to realize the waivers. A single veto can halt the process. The Biden administration cannot get this done solely based on executive power, let alone convincing the EU members and manufacturers. So far Biden has only made a political statement. Whether this is just a show to hold the “moral high ground” or the U.S. really meant it remains to be seen. If the U.S. does not take tangible actions, then the Biden slogan is just for headline news. Eventually he will blame other people for the failure. If Washington delivers on its position, then this time China will not go against the U.S.

Source: Global Times, May 7, 2021