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Fitch Downgraded China Huarong

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that Fitch downgraded China Huarong Asset Management Co. to BBB (from A), after Huarong delayed releasing its annual report. Earlier, both Moody and Fitch had put China Huarong on the negative rating watch list. Huarong is a majority state-owned financial asset management company in China, with a focus on distressed debt management. Huarong’s subsidiaries have not been able to release annual reports either. So far, the Chinese government has not acted on its promise to support Huarong. However, Huarong confirmed that, Huarong International, a Huarong branch, has, thus far, not defaulted on any of its bonds. China Chengxin Credit Rating Group, which is China’s first nationwide credit rating company, also put Huarong on the negative rating watch list.

Source: Sina, April 27, 2021