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China’s Should Be the World’s Main Voice on the Issues of Philosophy and Social Science

Qiushi Journal, a publication of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article by Zhang Xiping, Director of the Overseas Chinese Center of Beijing Foreign Language University. Zhang discussed how to have academic studies of China’s humanities and social sciences "go global." Zhang said, “Today the world’s media are still controlled by Westerners. If we do not actively spread our culture, we will never have an opportunity to demonstrate our development, culture, and ideology.” Zhang explained that “language education is the foundation, cultural exchange is the avenue, media communication is the means, and philosophy and social science are the nucleus. This is how the world’s dominant countries have spread their culture and ideology. … Once the results of China’s research in humanities and the social sciences start to influence the world, the level of China’s soft power will elevate, … and it will help China’s strategic development.”

The article also mentions The Dynamic Database for Overseas Dissemination of Chinese Culture, granted by the National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Leading Group and established as a special project of the National Social Science Foundation. It has four components: the study of the strategy of "going global," China’s national image in international media, overseas China studies, and “China as a part of the world’s ideology and culture.”

Source: Qiushi Journal, January 6, 2011