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Kim Jong-un Bans the Use of Chinese Drugs

According to the Daily UK, an online newspaper that a group of North Korean Defectors runs using news sourced from inside of North Korea, earlier this month, a senior North Korean official died after he received an injection of Chinese-made drugs. Kim Jong-un was furious about it and ordered the main hospital in Pyongyang to ban Chinese-made drugs.

According to reports, the senior official was in his 60s and held an important position in North Korea’s national economics department. He had worked in that department ever since the late Kim Jong-il was in power. He was recently treated at the Pyongyang Medical College hospital for heart disease and high blood pressure. As his health condition deteriorated, the doctor decided to inject “cocarboxylase” a drug that was made in China instead of North Korea because it was supposed to be of a higher quality. Nevertheless, the official died after he received the injection.

After Kim Jong-un learned the news, he immediately ordered Pyongyang’s main hospitals to ban Chinese-made drugs, including the Chinese COVID vaccine samples that are used in the development of the North Korea vaccine.

The real cause of death of the senior official is unclear and is still under investigation.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 21, 2021