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CRN: The U.S. has Never Respected China

China Review News (CRN) published a commentary right after Chinese President Hu Jintao completed his visit to the U.S. The author maintained that the U.S. has long held a biased view of China. The U.S. has taken China’s every step to improve as a threat to the U.S. national interest. President Obama has revived the Cold War mentality to continue policies that restrict China’s international breathing room, using such excuses as “communism,” “dictatorship,” “human rights,” and “democracy.”

The commentary also accused the U.S. of being a troublemaker on the issues of Tibet, Taiwan, North Korea, Southeast Asia, and the South China Sea. For the U.S. to support the new Nobel Peace Prize winner was seen as its latest interference in China’s domestic legal system. The commentary suggested Hu’s visit to the U.S. is one more attempt on China’s part to build a healthy partnership. The author expressed the hope that U.S. extortion would stop.

Source: China Review News, January 22, 2011