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Government Approved Religious Organizations Help Build a Harmonious Socialist Society

According to Xinhua, on January 28, 2011, the Chinese government-approved religious organizations, which are under the CCP’s direct leadership and belong to China’s five major “religions,” held a forum on “Advocating Religious Harmony” in Beijing.

The “religious leaders” attended the forum and delivered speeches. They were from the Buddhist Association of China, the China Taoist Association, the China Islamic Association, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, the Bishops’ Conference of the Catholic Church of China, the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches of China, and the China Christian Council. The forum published “The Joint Declaration Advocating Religious Harmony,” which states that “religious harmony is very significant in developing a harmonious socialist society and building a harmonious world together.” 

Source: Xinhua, January 28, 2011