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China Times: Chile’s Capital City Closed Again Despite High Vaccination Rate

Major Taiwanese news network China Times recently reported that the authorities from the capital city of Chile, Santiago, announced the closing down of the whole capital region again. In the past two weeks, Chile saw a 17 percent daily increase in confirmed cases of Covid-19. The Santiago capital region, which holds half of the nation’s population, saw a daily increase of 25 percent. The capital region ICU capacity has reached 98 percent. In the meantime, Chile is currently ranked as having the fifth highest vaccination rate in the world. Around 75 percent of the nation’s 15 million population have received at least one shot of the vaccination and 58 percent of the total population have already completed all of the required doses. Chile’s vaccination rate is leading in the Americas. Among the total 23 million doses of vaccine used, 17.2 million were Chinese CoronaVac and 4.6 million were Pfizer-BioNTech. AstraZeneca and the Chinese CanSino were both less than 1 million doses. Medical experts explained that vaccines are not expected to be 100 percent effective and the multiple variants of the Covid-19 virus might also have played a role.

Source: China Times, June 11, 2021