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Chinese CCTV: China Asked the U.S. to Drop “Completely” All Sanctions against Iran

Chinese Central Television (CCTV) recently reported that, not long ago, the Iran Nuclear Deal joint committee resumed the negotiations in Vienna. Wang Qun, the Chinese Representative to the negotiations and the Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Vienna, attended the meeting and explained the Chinese position. Wang said this new round of negotiations had dragged on for 11 weeks already, yet the topic of dropping the sanctions went nowhere. The United States should drop all of its single-sided sanctions against Iran, as well as all of the long-arm sanctions against other countries involved. The U.S. embargo on conventional weapons against Iran should also be discontinued. Since the U.S. has made the political choice of returning to the Iran Deal, the discontinuation of the sanctions should be comprehensive, clean and thorough on all fronts. China also asked all parties to engage deeply and to prevent future random departures. Wang called for “hard work” to reach the resumption of the Iran Nuclear Deal as early as possible.

Source: CCTV, June 13, 2021